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September 19, 2013 by Claudia Caro Sullivan

Christine Keating, Ohio State University
Kimberly Springer, University of Michigan Library School

Our project aims to build an online radical or progressive educational community. Education is a vital component of movements for social justice. On the university level, this struggle has involved fights to open up access to institutions of higher learning and to develop curriculums that center people of color’s, women’s, and other subordinated groups’ experiences and knowledges. New technologies such as MOOCs and other knowledge sharing approaches offers the opportunity to continue these educational struggles in ways that enable us to share our perspectives, skills, and knowledge on a much greater scale.

Radical University draws on connected learning principles as well as open-access and open-license technologies to enable people to share and build knowledge about political, cultural, economic, social and environmental struggles happening across the world. We are building Radical University as an online hub that people can use to for a variety of educational purposes, ranging from organizing a full program of study (graduate from Radical U!) to acquiring particular skills (learning chords to a social justice song, for example) that would be helpful in building movements for social justice.

The site will be an open one and we will encourage people to provide links to social justice digital learning resources or to develop such resources themselves. We will provide “how to” information on how to develop these materials (i.e., how to turn a course into a MOOC). We will also encourage learner-created courses, study groups and curriculum, and host events such as teach-ins, hackathons, and wiki-storming meetings.

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