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Reinventing Sound Cloud

September 21, 2013 by Claudia Caro Sullivan

Fallon Wilson, American Baptist College

Sound Cloud: Reinventing the Traditional Research Paper For Marginalized College Students of Color

I taught an online course entitled, Social Problems. From playing online games like a Closed World to understand homophobia to reinventing the traditional research paper using Sound Cloud, students were asked to think critically about social problems using Dr. Kings’ principals of education, non-violence, policy, and critical race theory. As this relates to connected learning, students were assigned a social problem, but had the freedom to create their own Sound Cloud’s lecture formats through their mobile phones. Mobile phone usage was essential for many of the students enrolled in my course. Many of my students lacked consistent access to computers/broadband outside of the library system. Therefore, Sound Cloud App became an accessible mobile tool. Students lectured about their chapter while others talked about how their social problem affected the Black Community. Students gave feedback on each other’s Sound Cloud recording and then developed a research web quest (e.g. Links, Video, Music, Images) that challenged students to weigh the merits of online content. After the course, students used Sound Cloud in their social lives from recording barbershop’s conversations about the Black community to using it in other classes. The one improvement I would make is to have students self-select a social problem and monitor how they explore it with others using Sound Cloud. Sound Cloud allowed students who are not the strongest writers to have an additional outlet where they could voice their opinions, but also have a controlled writing space supported by digital content to be graded by.

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