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The Journey Network

September 19, 2013 by Claudia Caro Sullivan

Martin Cadée, Founder
Porter Eichenlaub, Co-Creator
Ursel Biester, Co-Creator

The Journey Network (TJN) is building a member driven offline and online learning community  supporting people who break free of the status quo to seek a life of purpose. TJN is a platform for self-directed learning with a unique underlying approach of “initiation” – a journey in which one undergoes profound transformation and is “reborn” into a new self-understanding and role.

Many cultures had specific ways (“rites of passage”) helping their people on this deep journey to become ones true self, aiming at empowerment and fostering new insights to keep the community healthy and balanced. TJN is filling in this significant gap left in our society, as educational systems are designed mostly to help one take on a role and fit in. Our dream is to make this initiatory journey an integral part of our culture. We believe this will awaken the authentic gifts in people crucial to find ways to live in balance with each other and nature.

We are using a collaborative and flexible business model to help establish a community of co-creators, which currently includes people from Europe, USA, South Africa, and India. As we see it, TJN will become a global offline and online community and platform where committed journeyers can connect with peers; find meaningful experiences and places to go; share their stories to inspire others; find guidance through the learning landscape (non-linear curriculum) and connect with guides and elders. We look to put in place structures (open source) to facilitate the collaborative design of the network

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