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September 21, 2013 by Claudia Caro Sullivan

Ariel Diaz, Boundless

Textbooks are a huge burden on a college student’s budget. With costs rising nearly three times the amount of inflation, 7 out of 10 students forgo purchasing textbooks because of the price.

With the wealth of open educational resources available online, there’s no excuse for the continuing squeeze on college students’ finances. That’s why Boundless is creating a better alternative to paper textbooks. Boundless’ online textbooks are created from high-quality, open educational resources, government information, and other free learning sites. The textbooks are curated by experts in the subject, including college professors and PhDs. Using a proprietary process, Boundless’ textbooks align to typical entry-level college courses, matching a student’s assigned readings.

These textbooks are continuously updated with new research and information so that students have access to the most current content faster than traditional textbook editions. Boundless’ digital textbooks are layered with innovative features, like condensed chapter summaries, and in-text flashcards and quizzes that use active recall and spaced repetition algorithms to exercise a student’s memorization skills, summarizing content frequently and challenging students with quizzes at key points within the text to commit the content to memory for good. Boundless also features interactive notebooks and an instant search feature that helps students find what they need immediately.

Based on data and information learned from millions of users, Boundless continues to innovate. This fall, Boundless is announcing its first mobile apps for smartphones and tablets, improved content, more subjects and premium products built for the way today’s tech-savvy students learn.

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