Reclaim Open Learning

better online learning for higher ed



More Hack. Less Yack! A convening of skunkworx platform innovators

To kick off the Reclaim Open initiative, the MIT Media Lab hosted an open learning hackathon from April 5-7 2013. The current discussion about MOOCs drowns out many of the more interesting aspects of learning – thinking creatively, tinkering and making, collaborating with others, and developing new ideas. We brought together some of the skunkworx innovators to change that. We shared lessons learned, hacked on software code, started new projects (Jim Groom and Audrey Watters wrote about Reclaim Your Domain) or continued to work on existing ideas (P2PU / OKFN Data Explorer Mission).

Here is a blog post about the event and a short video, Joeran did with some of us during the event.

Reclaim Open Learning – Not Anti-MOOC. But pro open. from Jöran und Konsorten on Vimeo.


  • Philipp Schmidt (P2PU, MIT Media Lab) – Organizer
  • Ari Bader Natal (Minerva)
  • Audrey Watter (Hack Education)
  • Adrian Weidmann (University Mainz, Germany)
  • David Theo Goldberg (UCHRI)
  • Dirk Uys (P2PU)
  • Drew Harry (MIT Media Lab)
  • Emily Zeamer (UCHRI)
  • Friederike Siller (University Mainz, Germany)
  • Jim Groom (DS106)
  • Joeran Merholz (OER)
  • Jonathan Worth (Phonar)
  • Kin Lane (API Evangelist)
  • Mimi Ito (UCHRI)
  • Tara Tiger Brown (UCHRI)
  • Vanessa Gennarelli (P2PU)