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Anya Kamenetz is a contributing writer at Fast Company Magazine and the author of several books and book chapters about the future of education.


Anya interviewed the five winners of the 2013 Reclaim Open Learning Challenge – you will find links to the conversations above. She also  developed a  list of general practices,  that characterized their approach to learning on the web. Some of these observations may be useful as you begin to think about your own open learning efforts.

Open Learning & MOOC

There is a great deal of information in the public conversation about MOOCs (access the Resources page for some of the DML Research Hub, HASTAC, and UCHRI work on the subject).  The Reclaim Open Learning Challenge was committed to surfacing individuals and organizations that are transforming higher education toward connected and creative learning, open in content and access, participatory, and building on a growing range of experiments and innovations in networked learning. For many though, there may be question as to how the Reclaim Open Learning winning projects are different or alike from MOOCs.  The following list begins to consider the ways in which Open Learning differs in it’s approach from those of MOOCs.

Generally when compared to xMOOCs*,


*xMOOC has been suggested as a designation for MOOCs created by the large platforms Coursera, edX and Udacity.