Reclaim Open Learning

better online learning for higher ed



Opening Keynote Event –

Conversation with John Seely Brown and Amin Saberi, moderated by Anya Kamenetz

Reclaiming Open Learning — A Stake in the Ground

John Seely Brown, Nishant Shah, and Philipp Schmidt (Moderator)

Connected Learning, Digital Arts and Humanities

Susie Ferrell, Jade Ulrich, Martha Burtis, Alan Levine, Jonathan Worth, and Liz Losh (Moderator)

The Warm Body Effect

Josie Fraser, Freeman Murray and Anya Kamenetz (Moderator)

Contexts & Outcomes with Closing Remarks

Howard Rheingold, Anya Kamenetz, and Mimi Ito (Moderator), David Theo Goldberg