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September 20, 2013 by Courtney Santos

Edward Tanguay

My project is called “LearnTracker” which is a community where learners can take notes and flashcards on anything they are learning, be it a MOOC, a book, an online article, or a live lecture to which they are listening. LearnTracker is different from other note-taking software in that it is based on text files and allows users to define their own formats for taking notes. Because notes are based on text files and do not require a special app or interface, they can be taken on even the most simple technology (e.g. old computers without Internet connections), and later, when online, all notes can be dumped into the site as a “batch input” all at once. Because standard formats are given for taking notes, users can get up to speed fast producing large amounts of notes and easily dumping them into the system, yet as they come up with more convenient formats for themselves, they can create new input formats as addons. This means that numerous users can each have highly adapted syntaxes for taking notes, yet be dumping these notes all into a standard database, since the software has the ability to map them all to the same format.

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