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Mindover U

September 21, 2013 by Courtney Santos

Gregory Wilson, University of Georgia

Mindover U: Hack Your Thinking

It is time that higher education became worth the investment and this is where Mindover U comes in. At Mindover U, we want to help students focus on pursuing challenges instead of majors and develop interconnected mindsets that will help prepare them for the 21st century workforce. Mindsets are a way of thinking and can help in viewing a problem from multiple perspectives. The mindsets that we believe are important at Mindover U include entrepreneurship, abstract thinking, and emotion regulation. Mindover U uses lean thinking concepts to make the structure of the college as simple as possible. Students will select a big idea or challenge they want to pursue. They will then form teams based on similar passions and interests, determine role on the team and create semester long projects based on “How Might We” questions. Students will enroll in a semester long design thinking class and take popup classes that will range from two day to two week workshops, seminars, and bootcamps on a variety of topics. They will take advantage of massive online classes and self-directed resources to gain the knowledge necessary to complete the project.Students will also receive one-on-one coaching and have the opportunity to create their own classes.While it is important to become specialized in one area in your career, students are often asked to become specialists before they even know what field they are interested in. However learning these mindsets can be beneficial for everyone. Mindover U can be used as an cheaper alternative to traditional higher education or a “gap year” before staring college. We believe that students who engage in this format will be more motivated because they can immediately apply what they are learning to a problem. They will be ready to tackle the problems of the 21st century.

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