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Peace Game

September 21, 2013 by Courtney Santos

Syed Talal Hassan Bukhari, Co-Founder
Mira Gillet, Founder

Learnable moments are abundant in Peace Game which effectively integrates free technology including Skype and chatting for triggering deep, higher-order learning by gaining empathy toward others. Evaluating the experience of game play as an opportunity to build trust requires getting out of one’s comfort zone to build a friendship to solve problems. The complexity of interconnected problems exercises higher-order thinking to differentiate and analyze between symptoms and root problems, and to negotiate for the benefit of all.

 Peace Game MOOC was offered on, a free and open platform. Accredible is a free technology that students used while taking Peace Game MOOC.
Players/students of course use Skype, Facebook, messenger services and email to connect to each other.

The final project assignment in the Peace Game MOOC provided students with a chance to demonstrate with their leadership abilities. Students came up with issues like women rights and global challenges. They created their Facebook pages and engaged several other people to solve such issues.

Peace Game is designed in such a way that players/students need to connect to each other from across the globe. Students use connective technologies (Skype, Google Hangouts etc).

Peace Game has assignments that encourage concern for well-being in society. E.g: “Did you forgive someone?”, “Have you raised voice against injustice?” In these activities students shared their experiences and views that were inspiring to other classmates.

The first Micro loan from Peace Game to Ghana was made for livestock at $25 to Mohammed Iddrisu to promote his business.

Peace Game is a highly dynamic learning environment which can easily incorporate technological and infrastructural changes in it. Despite being created without financial resources, the learning environment is delivering the results. We are looking for support to enhance the capability of project.

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